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"We Were Here"
Remembering All The Boys.

"Sometimes I feel so guilty that I survived and others did not."

Guilt by Carl

Why did I survive when others did not.

It’s something that haunts me such a lot.

Why am I here?  Why am I not dead?

Overwhelming feelings of guilt in my head.

I can still hear their cries, see their fear.

No one can help, just shared tears.

Even if a boy, who has endured breathtaking sexualized abuse & exploitation, manages to find a safer place to run to and grow up in, that is just the beginning of another long and arduous battle to live and reach adulthood, old age even.

Shamefully, even in wealthier Nations, it is not easy for a survivor to access medical care that serves his best interests or access strategies to better cope with what was done to him and what he was forced to do to survive.

Some of the youngsters will also have to endure the devastating knowledge that they will die premature and painful deaths, as a direct consequence of the infections and diseases to which they were exposed.

"What can we do to ensure that all the children who died will never be forgotten?"
We can share their stories. We can keep their stories safe.

"Angel of the North" 


As survivors' stories are more widely and comprehensively shared, the discomfort experienced by people in the presence of someone extraordinary (someone who not only lived through but also managed to survive breathtaking brutality, neglect, rape and humiliation) will diminish and make way for a conversation that leads the way forward... 

"I feel outraged that you were tortured physically and psychologically. I feel outraged that you were betrayed."

"How can we show our support for survivors and child advocates, who are calling for a comprehensive and thorough investigation of child sexual abuse in children's homes across in the United Kingdom (#CSAinquiry), so, as a Nation linked to other Nations through trade, travel & technologies, everyone can better understand:
  • how it was possible that so many children in children's homes across the United Kingdom could have been so violently abused, exploited, betrayed and neglected; 
  • how it was possible that so few people intervened to stop the abuse and exploitation; 
  • how was it possible that the children and adults who raised the alarm were not believed or were treated with contempt, ridiculed for being tellers of outlandish stories;
  • how was it possible that adults who believed the stories, chose to turn away and sacrifice the children. What exactly was so important that they made such a choice.
  • how was it possible that people re-told stories in a derogatory fashion: sniggering and gossiping about the sexual abuse & sexual exploitation of boys. Why were they not outraged and burning with a desire to protect the youngsters.

"What can we do to ensure that children will never again be subjected to such heinous crimes and neglect in our communities. "