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VIGILS (Remembering ALL the Children Abused in Children's Homes)

Survivors, Whistleblowers, Child Advocates and Concerned Citizens are holding Vigils across the United Kingdom, to remember all the children abused in children's homes.

Each vigil is taking place outside one of the hundreds of children's homes. White Flowers are placed at the sites as a sign that the children are remembered.

(outside former children's home)
Further information:

Survivors of abuse in children's homes, child advocates & friends are calling for an end to the individual & institutional arrogance & incompetence that fostered a culture which facilitated and tolerated adults committing heinous crimes against children, and one that also tolerates victims and survivors being offered inadequate, or no, intervention and support after everything they have endured.

As our Nation and friends across borders begin to grasp the magnitude of the crimes that were endured by children across the United Kingdom (sexual abuse, rape, torture, multination, exploitation), the VAST number of men, women and children who make up our communities and believe sexualized crimes should never be tolerated, will need support to heal from the impact of witnessing the results of the CSA inquiry and such devastating betrayal by leaders charged with protecting the nation's well-being and safety.